Gratitude Week 3

This weeks topic is family.

It’s not unknown that I don’t have a great relationship with my parents, or most of my family to be quite honest.. but I still hold the meaning of family very close to my heart. My grandparents are probably the two people that I was ever the closest to until I had my own kids. I was always with them – they had me more than my mom did – and we always spent time together. I grew really close with them and lost them both when I was young. My grandpa passed away when I was 11 and my grandma passed away when I was 19. Those were the hardest years of my life, losing both of my heroes so young. 

My aunt and uncle are really the only two others that I am close with in my family. They helped my grandparents take care of me and I grew really close to them as well. I am still close with them and the bond with them is more so like that of a parent/daughter bond. They live about 13 hours away, though, so I don’t see them but once a year.. twice if they come down here to visit. 

When I met my now husband his family took me under their wing. I am closer with my in laws that I am my own parents, which a lot of wives can’t say. Their family is very close knit, they spend a lot of time together and make lots of memories. I love spending holidays with them because everything is revolved around family. 

Last but definitely not least, I love and am extremely grateful for my husband and the family we have created together. My girls are my rocks and I push myself everyday to be a better mom to them than I was given. I have sacrificed so much for them but I would do it all over again in a heart beat. They’re more than worth the late nights, the tears, all of it. I love those girls and I love their dad for blessing me with the chance of becoming a mom. 

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