Gratitude Week 4

This weeks topic is: a family member.

I can’t pick just one. It’s not possible. 

In the last post about family you read that I don’t talk to or have a relationship with most of my family but the ones that I do still have a relationship with I am very grateful for them, as well as my grandparents. 

Without my grandparents picking up my mom’s slack I’m not sure where I would be, who I’d live with, or who I’d be. They helped mold me into the person that I am today and they are responsible for making sure I got up to go to school each day, that I was fed healthy meals, and that I was able to be as much of a kid as I could be. My aunt and uncle who helped my grandparents are also people that I am very grateful for. They didn’t have to step up.. they had their own kids to take care of.. but made sure that I was given everything that I needed and also got some things that I wanted. 

I had a good life thanks to those who stepped up when they didn’t need to .

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