Gratitude Week 5

This weeks topic is – something someone gave you. 

This will be an easy and probably short blog post but still very meaningful to me.


When I was 17 my grandma gave me her wedding ring. Years before she had given me my grandpa’s wedding band. These are the two most important gifts I’ve ever been given (aside from my children – the fact that I even have to note this is ridiculous) and they mean the WORLD to me.

When my now husband proposed to me he gave me a ring he picked out and a little part of me was bummed that I didn’t mention to him that I already had rings for this very occasion. Years later when we were planning out wedding I told him not to buy me a band that I already had one. I was determined to wear my grandpa’s wedding band even if I couldn’t wear my grandma’s wedding ring with it. We had to get it resized but other than that it was perfect. I loved it.

Now.. after having two kids my ring doesn’t fit and I just haven’t gotten around to getting it sized. When my grandma first gave me her ring it was too big but now it fits perfectly. So I am now wearing my grandma’s wedding ring and my grandpa’s wedding band together. Even though I know they’re together in heaven it’s like they’re also together right here with me.

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