Gratitude Week 6

This week’s topic is: city you live in.

There’s two reasons I am thankful for the city I live in. Getting away from my past and the family I’ve created since moving here. 

When I first moved down here I was still with my ex and living in a nightmare. I didn’t see a way out that felt safe enough to tackle. Until I moved 700 miles away from where he lived. Moving down here was the first step in reviving myself. 

Not long after I moved down here – within weeks, really – I met my now husband. We flirted for a few months then made it official.. only to break up two months later. We were in two different phases of life, me a sophomore in high school and him a freshman in college. It took a year and a half for us to start talking again. Oddly enough I was back home visiting family and had just ran into my ex when I decided to write him on AIM. I was now getting ready for my senior year in high school, I had matured a lot, and things were much better between us. 

It’s been almost 14 years since I moved down here and ended things with my ex. At first I was upset at my mom for moving me so far away from the rest of my family and my friends.. but now.. I’m grateful it happened. If the move never happened I wouldn’t be happily married or have two amazing daughters. 

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