Gratitude Week 7

This weeks topic is: friend.

My mind immediately jumped to my husband but before my husband I had another best friend.

My grandmother.

From a very young age my grandmother was the person I would cling to the most. Usually as a young girl your first best friend is one of your parents but for my that was hard considering my dad wasn’t in my life and my mom was in and out of it. I grew very close to my grandma over the years and we shared many memories. When I needed someone to talk to she was there, when I just needed a hug she was there.

When I was 13 we moved to Virginia. Thirteen hours away from my grandma. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done. Especially considering her health wasn’t great and she was getting weaker over the years. Even though we were so far away I made sure I called her every day to check on her and just chit chat. We wrote letters back and forth.

When I got pregnant my grandma was so excited for me. She couldn’t wait to see me go through this amazing experience and life change. She was so happy when I sent her my first ultrasound. I will never forget that moment.

Unfortunately my grandma passed away when A was 5 months old and only got to meet her the one time, on her death bed. We had planned on going up that summer for everyone to meet her but that isn’t how life happened. Life isn’t always fair but it always has a purpose.

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