Gratitude Week 8

This weeks topic is express gratitude to 3 people.

A lot of these posts concerning people are going to be done over because I don’t have many people in my life and the ones I do have I am very thankful for. True, honest people come few and far between so I am very lucky to have the few in my life that I do have. So here goes..

My husband. My rock. My strength. My everything. Times have been rough the past two years between us. Divorce was brought up more than once and I had to fight with every fiber of my being to make it work. It took a lot out of me – I was tired, physically and mentally, and I wasn’t feeling like I was getting anywhere then one day I had a complete breakdown. I wasn’t just exhausted I was burnt out. For a while I thought there would be no coming back from it but thankfully my husband saw my needs and helped where it was needed. Through all of our ups and downs two things have always remained obvious – our love for one another and our desire of seeing the other happy. Despite the rocky patches – no, it was definitely a full out road – we hit we pulled it back together and remain as one. He’s still my rock and my strength. He still gives me butterflies. He will always be my everything.

My kids. My lifelines. My reasons for breathing. There’s so much I could say about these two. Being a mom is something you will never understand until you become one. Growing up I knew what my mom was doing was wrong but I never really understood the extreme of it until I had A. Everything came so natural and I never wanted to leave her. I started questioning everything my mom had ever done, or didn’t do.. When we decided to have another baby I was nervous and scared. I didn’t know if I would be able to love another baby like I did A. Guess what.. You can! It’s amazing the strength your heart has when adding on to your family. It’s an insane feeling, one that cannot be described in words. I am ever so thankful for my babies. They both came at the right time in my life and helped me through some issues I was fighting at the time.

My grandparents. My heroes. My marriage goals. This is easy. I am thankful for them taking me in when my mom left. I am thankful that they taught me right from wrong, pushed me to be the best me I could be, and loved me for the person I was. I miss them terribly but knowing that I have the absolute best guardian angels watching over me makes living without them a little easier.

Who are the three people you’re most thankful for?wp-1485240073770.jpg

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