Gratitude Week 10

Clearly last week I had some issues but let’s get back on the grind! 

This week’s topic is: five things you love about you.

This one may be hard for me but let’s see how it goes as I sit here typing it out.. 

1. My ability to be open minded about everything. I try my hardest to see things through others’ eyes and see why they’re making the choices they are. I know what they do will never directly affect me (or really ever indirectly) so there’s no need for me to judge or speak ill on their choices. There’s so many controversial topics and judgements are passed out all day, everyday, we don’t need anymore.

2. My caring personality. I’m not even going to lie.. sometimes this can be a bad thing as I’ve had far too many people walk all over me but I’ve learned my lessons. As I’ve learned these lessons I’ve also learned that being a caring person is something that isn’t come across often anymore which leads me to believe that’s why people use and walk all over caring people. Needless to say I care about many people, most of which I’ve never met. I’ve “met” quite a few amazing people on twitter and it’s allowed me to open back up  

3. My patience with (younger) kids. Patience is something I feel you need to have, to an extent, when you have children.. but I also understand how one can lose theirs quickly. LOL. What I mean by younger kids is anyone under like 13. I can’t handle teenagers and I’m dreading the day I have two. Ugh! Older kids and adults.. I have absolutely no patience with. None. 

4. My moming. Yes, I know that’s not a word but guess what.. my blog.. my rules! Lol. Seriously though.. growing up my mom wasn’t a good influence so I always worried about how I’d be as a mom. Would I follow in her footsteps? Would I be a failure? And I’m glad to have proved myself wrong. 

5. Last but not least.. My resiliency. I’ve bounced back from quite a lot in my short life. From losing my grandpa (hero) at 11, to being raped at 13, to being in a very badly controlling & abusive relationship at 13/14, and losing my grandma (best friend) at 19. Death is inevitable, it’s not something we can stop from happening.. so while those were rough times in my life everyone experiences them. I’ve been through a shit of stuff and here I am still standing strong yelling fuck you to those who doubted me. 🖕

Well, that wasn’t nearly as hard as I’d imagined. 

What’s 5 things you love about yourself?

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