Gratitude Week 11

This weeks topic is: someone who inspires you.

I’ve come across many inspirational people in my life, especially here lately, but I’ve got to say the most inspirational would have to be my best friend. 

In the last 8 months she’s gone through hell and back but still stands headstrong. In July her husband committed suicide leaving her a single mom to their 4 young kids. She was lost, hurt, confused, every emotion tied into one and still through all the pain and suffering she was able to stay strong for her kids. 

I’m not sure how I’d handle that situation and I seriously hope that I’m never put in that type of situation. I can sit here and say I’d be a mess and wouldn’t be able to love life any longer but until and unless I’m put into that situation I really don’t know. 

Life sucks for everyone, I know this. We all have battles we don’t want to fight. But through her situation and seeing her handle it.. I’ve learned that no matter what you have to put one foot forward, hold your head high, and push through. It may suck for a long while but the outcome will be well worth it. 

I can only hope that I’d handle that type of situation with the strength and guidance she has. 💜

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