Gratitude Week 12

This weeks topic is: your favorite personality trait.

If you would’ve asked me to answer this a year ago I wouldn’t have an answer. I didn’t like myself back then. I wasn’t a bad person I was just stuck in this deep hole that I couldn’t see out of and it was affecting everything around me. Somehow I managed to get out and now I am able to talk about my strengths. I’ve come quite a long way.

Now I am sitting here having trouble picking between two that happen to matter a lot personally. Honesty and resiliency are the two that I would choose.

Honesty because I have always been thankful for my ability to stay honest even in the hardest of situations. I wasn’t always able to be honest with myself but I have progressed quite a bit in that area as well. This is something that I will continue to work on and improve upon.

Resiliency because it takes a strong person to be able to bounce back and stand up after being knocked down so many times. In the moment I doubted my strength and even there after. I shocked myself and so many others when I was able to stand up for myself and fight back.

What are some of y’all’s favorite personality traits?

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