Gratitude Week 19

This weeks topic is: health.

Whew, this is a rough one. I used to take my health for granted because I never had any issues, never had weight problems, etc. This all changed when we found out my husband has a brain tumor. That day was hell. He had no signs up until the two strokes he had, which we didn’t even know they were strokes until he had an MRI to figure out why his vision would randomly go black, why his legs would randomly go jello like, among other things. That’s when the doctor told us he had two strokes caused by a tumor on his brain. My husband is seemingly healthy looking. Looking at him you wouldn’t know any of this is going on. He still does everything he used to do – and then some – and doesn’t have any type of medical restrictions.

It is important to keep up with your body and health. If something out of the norm is going on, get it checked out! My husband is normally extremely stubborn and won’t go to the doctor for anything but thankfully he listened to his body and all of us who told him he NEEDED to be seen for this. Had he not gone we would have no idea he had a brain tumor or that what he was experiencing were strokes. He has had another stroke since being checked out in the first place but nothing too worrisome, thankfully.

But please.. don’t take your health for granted. Illness can strike in an instant and it won’t always be an obvious one.

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