Gratitude Week 20

This weeks topic is: a friend.

Throughout all of my struggles I have had one constant – my husband. I am honestly so grateful for him. He has shown me what it is like to receive true love and compassion from someone. Before we got together I was stuck, or so I thought, in an abusive relationship. Keep in mind I met my husband when I was 14. The year and a half that I was victim of domestic violence and abuse were terrifying and destroyed me as a person. I have undergone so much counseling to work through the issues, and it has helped, but honestly nothing has helped more than being with my husband and seeing that I AM worth something more than sex and demands. I always expected the same from my husband because my ex always told me that I didn’t deserve good from life, that I was a fuck up and anything bad that happened to me throughout life was karma for that.

I have come so far since this and I am thankful for the positive experiences my husband has allowed me to have with him. If it weren’t for him coming into my life when he did I have no idea where I would be right now. As cliche as that sounds it’s the truth.

Which of your friends are you most thankful for? Which one has had the biggest impact on your life?

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