Family Traditions

Growing up I never had any specific family traditions other than the ones that surround the holidays so when I met my husband and got to know his family I was in shock! His family has so many get-togethers and parties. They celebrate EVERYTHING. Which is amazing and we have started doing the same with our girls!

There is the obvious traditions that go with the major holidays, which we celebrate all of. We go trick or treating on Halloween, we spend Thanksgiving with family, enjoy gifts at Christmas, celebrate our love on Valentines Day, etc.

In conjunction with all of this we have began doing more family oriented traditions with our girls that just include us.

Birthdays are a major deal in our family. We don’t spend a lot of money but we make that whole day all about them! They pick what we do, what we eat, what we watch, etc. This is the first year that S has really taken part in this tradition for her birthday because she now understands what we’re asking. Lol. We still do the whole birthday party and invite friends and family but on their actual birthday we make the day all about them.

For A, when she does well in school or on a test we celebrate that! She gets to pick a movie for the night for us to watch, as a family, with no electronics out! We will do the same once S is in school, as well.

The next tradition we do as a family will come off kind of like, “common” sense to some people but I have also come across a lot of people who don’t do this. Dinner is ALWAYS eaten at the table, UNLESS we are doing family dinner & a movie night (usually pizza nights). Growing up our dining room table, if we had one, was never used to actually eat at and hubs’ family eats there every dinner! That was something I loved and wanted to make a part of our family as well.

We read to our girls (mostly S now since A is a reading master) every night. Book of their choice. We started with A when she was younger, around 9 months, and we did the same with S. We read to A until she was able to read well enough herself, and she asked if she could do it herself.

This is just a few of what we do and will continue to do with our girls! I think family traditions are great and fun ways to get in that extra family time! Even the smallest of things show our kids how much we love and appreciate them.

What are some of your family traditions?


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