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You’ve got questions..

& I’ve got answers. 

I think it is always fun to post some questions that I have been asked by my followers. . So let’s go!

Q: What made you want to homeschool? I read your blog post about why you pulled A out of school but did private school ever cross your mind or were you determined to homeschool?

A: GREAT question! Even before I had kids I knew I wanted to give homeschooling a try. I was picked on in school, never made a lot of friends because I was moved around A LOT.. so I always wondered what it would have been like if my mom cared enough to homeschool me. I will never know that answer because even though I asked multiple times she never even thought about trying. For me it was my way of giving my girls what I wasn’t given. Private school wasn’t even part of the equation for me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with private school or sending your kids to one, it just was not a choice for us. 

Q: What made you want to create an anon account? Do you enjoy being a part of that side of twitter?

A: I made my first twitter account in 2009 and after a while I somehow started engaging with the TMC (was not called that back then) and saw that lots of them were anonymous accounts that didn’t show who they were and used initials for all of their names. On my persona I had family following me and I couldn’t really vent without it getting back to whoever I was venting about and it was annoying as shit. I just wanted my own space where I could vent and not have to deal with backlash. I didn’t start my first anon until we began TTC S, in 2013. There are days where I love it and days where I want to say fuck it and be done.. but will I ever do that? Probably not….

Q: You and you husband have been together quite a while, what’s your secret?

A: Honestly, I don’t know. LOL! We have always meshed well, we hardly argue (and when we do it’s small disagreements), and we talk through everything. I think you just have to always remember that communication is key and never go to bed mad. If he does something that I don’t like I will let him know but we always just TALK through it, we never raise our voice at each other. He grew up in a house with a dad that was very respectful of their mom and always took care of them, so I think that has a lot to do with it as well. I’m not saying he’s perfect, that I’m perfect, or that we don’t annoy each other BECAUSE WE DO!, trust me! I’m just saying that when you are with someone you truly love it’s a lot easier than we think it is. 

Q: I saw you had changed your path for school, care to elaborate or is this something you are still piecing together? 

A: I’ll def share! When I made my 5 year plan we were done having kids so having to do school with a newborn was not in the picture. I had decided to go after my masters and jump right into it. My end goal is still the same I’ll just be adding a few years to my educational path. I’m still going for my masters but for right now I will be getting my bachelors and focusing on my family. My school dream is still alive and well but right now my dream of a bigger family is where I need to focus my time and effort. Small adjustments that will put a smile on my face are well worth it! 

Q: Are you and your mom getting along any better than your last update? 

A: No. Not at all. She’s got some mental issues she needs to take care of and to actually apologize for what she did to both me and my daughter. I will never forgive her because I have worked so hard on my marriage so that my kids never see what I did growing up and she allowed A to have a peek at what I went through growing up. She’s got a lot of trust building to do before I’m fully back in her life again. 

Q: This isn’t a question.. I just wanted to wish you luck on your TTC journey. It is not an easy one to walk through. 

A: THANK YOU! We got pregnant so quickly with S that I assumed it would be that easy each and every time. So each month when I get my cycle I’m heartbroken and the multiple announcements on twitter weekly don’t help at all even though I am genuinely happy for all of them! I know it will happen when it’s meant to but that doesn’t make it any easier during the process. 

Okay! That’s all the questions I got this time around! I plan on doing this again in the future and I can’t wait! 

Thanks for reading! 

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