Newborn Items

For this post I have decided to do something I have never done before. I will be writing about items that we have purchased for baby E that we did not use for our other two kids, either because they were not around or we just did not purchase them. Once baby E is here I will then do a follow-up post about whether or not we used them, if I liked them, and if baby E liked them. So, here goes..

**These are in no particular order.. just typing up as I remember what we have purchased for E**

**Pictures attached are not mine, I took them off Google just to show y’all what I was talking about**

Boppy Lounger – We had a regular boppy pillow for S and did not use one at all for A. I do not believe they were around when she was born. We loved the boppy pillow for S and I have heard so many great things about the lounger so we decided to give it a try!

Bottle Warmer – The picture that I have attached is not the exact model we have but we never used these with either girl. I found this on a good deal so I picked it up. This is one item I am not sure if we will actually use but since we got it so cheap I did not feel as if it would be a loss if we ended up not using it.

Travel Warmers – I got both the Munchkin travel warmer and the Tommee Tippee travel warmer. My BIL & SIL have the Tommee Tippee warmer and swear by it and since I plan on breastfeeding and pumping for our travels I figured these would benefit us in the car so I can easily warm a bottle and feed her on the go! We did not use these for the other two girls because they were formula fed after a couple weeks and they did not mind room temperature.

Fisher Price Rock & Play – This is something I am very excited about, as well! We just used a regular bouncer and swing for the girls. I have heard so much about these and how wonderful they are. Again, I got it for a good price so if E ends up not liking it I won’t be mad. My girls LOVED their swings and bouncers so I am hoping that this will work for E. We also got a regular swing for her.

Nuby Comfort 360 Plus bottles – I saw these one day while browsing the aisles of Babies R Us (after they announced they were closing and I thought they would have good sales.. right..) and thought OMG I NEED THESE! We purchased the Munchkin brand (pic included) sippy cup that worked in the same manner these bottles do when S was little and they were amazing. She could drink laying down, sitting up, and in any other crazy position she tried without getting air. The other thing that I absolutely love about these bottles is that you can buy (and I did!) sippy cup tops for them so that they grow with baby! I bought a set of two bottles and two sets of extra nipples in each stage plus the sippy adapter. I also got extra tubing. I am so excited to try these out and I really hope she likes these!

Graco Pack ‘n Play with Reversible Napper/Changer – For A we didn’t use a playpen/pack ‘n play at all and with S we just got a cheap one that did not come with anything fancy. We were gifted this Pack ‘n Play for E and I am excited to try it. It has a reversible napper/changer that flips to your needs and comes with a little pouch that snaps to the side where you can store diapers and wipes.

That is all I can think of now but I am sure pregnancy brain is failing me!

Thanks for reading and I cannot wait to update y’all on whether or not we actually used these items for E.


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