Elf on the Shelf Ideas

In our house we don’t do Elf on the Shelf because well… I don’t want to deal with it and I don’t think my oldest would believe the whole idea behind it.. she’s 12 and I’m honestly surprised we still get to do the whole Santa thing with her.

However, I have decided to share a few ideas that will hopefully get you through the remainder of the season!

  • Cuddled with a cozy blanket in the fridge
  • TP the tree
  • Leaving lipstick messages on mirrors
  • Snow angels in sugar, flour, or sprinkles
  • Making s’mores over an electric tea light candle
  • Decorate toilet paper rolls as a snowman
  • Draw minions on bananas
  • Roll down stairs in a TP roll
  • Sitting in tupperware so that kid(s) can take the elf on adventures for the day
  • Story time with kids’ dolls or other small toys
  • Bubble bath in a crockpot full of marshmallows
  • Coloring in new coloring books brought for children
  • Zip lining through the living room (or any room)
  • Elf brings new pajamas or small toys
  • Elf brings a Christmas Eve box
  • Popcorn & Christmas movie

I hope that these ideas will help you enjoy this tradition with your kids, or at least allow them to laugh and enjoy it! I don’t actually think I have heard a parent say they enjoy this little Elf after the first couple days of having to move him. LOL.


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