2020 Blog Schedule

Hey y’all! I hope you had an amazing holiday season and welcome to 2020!

I struggled with my goals for the blog last year, which I will go more into detail on my goals post later this month, and I put a lot of thought into what I want out of my blog going forward.

I want to enjoy my blog. I don’t want to see it as another draining chore, which is what it became last year. So, for 2020 I will be changing my posting schedule and for now it will be once a week. I will post new blogs on Monday mornings at 8 am EST.

Some posts I’ve got in the works for the first part of this year are

  • 2020 Goals
  • Toddler Meals
  • Homeschool Update
  • Mental Health Update
  • School Update (Mine)
  • Favorite Organizing Tools
  • Blog Post Round Up

I hope that you all are just as excited as I am to see where 2020 takes OCM!

Thank you for reading and, as always, see you next time!


Q & A

I feel like every time I post a Q&A it is the same questions but I have gained quite a bit of new followers and readers since the last time I posted. I hope that those of you who have been here for a while and have probably already read these don’t mind. I have lots of new content planned for after the holidays!

What is the meaning behind your blog name? Where did it come from?
Coming up with the name of my blog was by far the hardest part. When reading over the different topics that I planned to write about it sounded like a mess of shit then you add in everything that I currently have on my plate and you have chaos! And with that being said you have Our Chaotic Mess – a life that I am happily leading, messes and all! You will find that I blog about a little of everything – good and bad – and through this blog I have opened up a lot about things that I have gone through and my mental health. I chose to open up about these because if even ONE person reading those posts finds something they can relate with or sees something they think will help them then I am happy to share!

How is school going?
Well, if I am being honest.. not so well. This last semester kicked my ass. I signed up for five classes thinking that I would be able to handle it all and well, I couldn’t. I did end up surviving and finished the semester passing all of my classes, however.. I did not do as well as I wanted. I ended with 3 A’s and 2 C’s (almost a B). I am very hard on myself when it comes to my grades and I have been beating myself up over those two C’s. I haven’t gotten grades that low since I was put on bed rest with Autumn and my professors would not work with me even though I had a doctor’s note. I fell behind on a lot of things, including my blog. I had no choice. I had so many assignments for each class and I was incredibly overwhelmed. Next semester I have only enrolled in 3 classes because I know I can handle that. I am hoping that next semester will be nicer to me than this last one was.

I know you mentioned you are a psychology major now, are you still planning to work in hospice?
Yes, that is still my goal and plan! I am not ready to embark on my masters degree yet, so I figured that getting an associates in psychology I would gain even more knowledge on the brain, how people work, etc. and it would help me in the long run. Besides, psychology has always been interesting to me and I love learning about the different aspects of it.

What is one piece of advice you would give to new bloggers?
If I could give one piece of advice to new bloggers it would be to work your blog however you see fit! What I mean by this is that there is not a rule book that you must follow. You do not need to post everyday or every week. There are times when I post twice a week, once a week.. or once or twice a month. Life will happen, things will get in the way.. DO NOT STRESS IT. Another things is that you do not have to just blog about ONE topic. As you can see with my blog I am all over the place. If you want to blog about just one thing, that’s great! If you find that you are interested in covering multiple topics, go for it! Again, DO NOT STRESS IT! It will all come together and work out in the end. Trust me.

How hard is homeschooling your children?
There are many different ways that I can answer this question. Coming from a legal standpoint, it is not hard at all. We live in Virginia and we have very little regulation when it comes to homeschooling so the process of beginning homeschooling is fairly easy. The hardest part for us was figuring out their learning styles and what fit them best. The public school that Autumn attended did not give out homework, instead they did their “homework” daily in class after the teacher had finished the lesson plan. Once a month, maybe twice if we were lucky, she would bring home her homework folder that had the different worksheets that they had been working on since the last time they brought them home. This made it difficult for us to see how well she was doing, what she needed additional help with, and whether or not that learning style was best for her. The communication was lacking in more ways than one. We tried multiple styles before we landed on one that worked amazing. It has been a learning experience for all of us, that’s for sure!

Now, outside of the legal parts.. it can be draining. I am with my kids 24/7 unless they go to their grandparents on the weekends, or I get out of the house without them. It is mentally draining on me because of the lack of breaks. The girls have bad days where they fight to the end and I have to remind them over and over again that school is necessary whether that be homeschooling, public, or private. Not to mention doing all of this with a toddler. Even with the mental draining, I would not choose another route for our family. It has been the best for both of them and I do enjoy the extra time with them, though.

How long do you plan to homeschool? Will you be homeschooling your youngest as well?
We do not have a timeline for when/if we will stop. I will continue to homeschool until they choose otherwise. I won’t lie.. homeschooling in high school is intimidating but I know that with all of the resources out there everything will be just fine. Right now my plan is to homeschool Ellie, too. She is only 1 so right now but I do plan on incorporating her into the homeschool lessons as she gets older. When Ellie is ready to start Sophia will be more independent and Autumn will be in high school.

How long have you been homeschooling and what made you choose to do so?
We started our homeschool journey on November 28, 2016. It was right after the Thanksgiving break from Autumn’s third grade year in public. She is in sixth grade now. Long story short on why we chose to homeschool is because Autumn was being picked on and bullied in school and it was treated as a he said/she said situation and I was not about to let her experience that when I could do something to help her. She does so much better at home. She has excelled in her learning since we brought her home and she no longer had to worry about the bullies.

Thank you so much for sending in these questions and taking the time to read my response! I hope that you all have an amazing holiday season!



Red Flags of an Abusive Relationship

When it comes to abusive relationships everyone has their own experience. While some of the things we go through are similar, we cannot compare two to one another. Today I want to share some warning signs or red flags that I, or others I know, have experienced in their abusive relationship so that you know what to look for. Abusive relationships come in many forms – parents & children, siblings, friends, and significant others. These warning signs will hopefully let you know when things are not looking good in your relationship because a lot of the time we do not see them until it is too late. Hindsight is always 20/20 and looking back I now know that my ex showed red flags from the very beginning of our relationship.

There are many types of abuse, as well. Mental, emotional, verbal, economic, sexual, and physical. You do not have to be experiencing physical abuse to be part of an abusive relationship. Please check out Abuse Hotline  to find out more information and all the different ways that you can get help.

The very first red flag that I experienced was the over-showering of love and sweetness. Now, this is not always an indication of an abusive relationship, obviously being shown love and being treated nice and given sweet gestures is a good thing, until it stops and they turn into the complete opposite. When we first got together he was sweet. He opened all doors for me, pulled my chair out at the restaurant, walked me to the door when he dropped me off, etc. A couple months into our relationship all of these sweet things stopped and the real him came out. He showed his more gentleman side to woo me in and get me to be with him. The only time this side of him showed was when we were around family so that no one knew what was going on.

Another thing that should catch your attention is if you are withholding telling your family or friends how he treats you or making excuses for him. I never told anyone about the way that I was being treated or the things that were being said to me. I was scared that they wouldn’t believe me since he never showed that side of him around them. I was also afraid of what he might do if I were to tell anyone and he found out.

It seemed like everyday there was another new “rule” about what I could or could not do/wear, or where I could or could not go and who I could and could not hang out with. It started with what I could and couldn’t wear.. then very quickly progressed into who I was allowed to hang out with and eventually I was only allowed to hang out with him and his friends. This leads into the next red flag I want to talk about, isolation.

Isolation is keeping you from your family or friends or dictating which of them you are allowed to hang out with. As I spoke about with the rules, he dictated the people that I could hang out with or interact with. If he didn’t like them, I couldn’t like them. I lost a lot of friends due to this and still, to this day, do not talk to them.

Gaslighting is a HUGE red flag. Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. I remember when I would bring up things that he had done or said and he would act like he didn’t know what I was talking about and said that it never happened or that he never said it. This was a regular thing with him and it led me to wonder what was real and what I “made up” by “playing the victim” as he liked to call it.

When you go out with a friend and your phone is blown up with texts and calls about “who are you with?” “where did you go?” “how long are you going to be?” and them getting mad when you did not answer their calls or texts. I did not have a cell phone when I was in this relationship but one day while he was at work I went over to my cousin’s house and didn’t tell him. He was FURIOUS that I was somewhere he had not told me was okay, that I should have called him before I left to make sure that he was okay with it. Mind you I was a 13 year old just trying to have fun and spend time with family.

Everything that happens is your fault. Plans change, your fault. Weather changes, your fault. You are blamed for everything – getting screamed at for whatever happened when you literally had nothing to do with whatever happened. We went out to dinner and movie one time and leaving the parking lot he tried to be “funny” and put the car in neutral to “rev” it up and ended up rolling back into the truck behind us. That was somehow my fault and I was screamed at the whole way back to my house.

“I was forced into a lifestyle of having sex multiple times a day because I was terrified to say no.”

“I wasn’t allowed to have friends of the opposite sex.”

“I was always expected to take his side, even when I knew he was wrong or being unreasonable.”

“When we would argue he would always throw things at me if I didn’t agree with him, or give up because he was right.”

“I was only allowed to spend money when he gave me the right to do so, even if it meant that I had to beg.”

“She would tell me that I had to call into work because she needed me to stay home with her. This started happening right after we hired a new female at work and I was forbidden to talk to her, even though she was my partner on a huge project at work.”

“He always told me that if I left him, or tried to leave him, he would kill himself or make it to where I was never able to try leaving again.”

“makes you feel bad about spending time with others with out them around, wants to know all your passwords to social media but won’t give theirs, controlling of what you wear out, controls money, and pressures you into sex/sexual acts”

“He told me that he was entitled to sex because I was his partner, that even though I said no or that I wasn’t feeling it, he could force me because he was entitled.”

“She would get physical every time we had a disagreement.”

“Everything was always my fault. Even when it wasn’t or I wasn’t even around. If I talked to another guy he would threaten to kill himself. He would always gaslight me. He tore me down mentally but then acted like he knew he was wrong just to make me cave and forgive him. He always made promises he couldn’t keep or didn’t intend to keep. I felt like in order to keep him or make him love me I needed to try to fit in with his crowd which ultimately led to a drug addiction and stealing from everyone I loved in order to feed my addiction.”

“Sex was conditional on my behavior. If I was “bad” we wouldn’t have sex. But, if he wanted it, even if I was being “bad” he would make me have sex with him.”

“When we were with his friends he would always put me down and call me horrible names.”

“He insisted every bill/account be in my name and was in charge of our finances. He paid late or not at all and when I left him my credit was fucked. I was, once again, stuck to pick up his mistakes.”

“I am a very religious person and the whole time we were dating I knew that he was not very religious. This never seemed to be a problem until we were married and he would not allow me to go to church or practice certain religious beliefs.”

Now that I have shared some red flags and different experiences with y’all I want you to know that if you are going through this it is going to be hard to leave but you can do it. I have faith in every single one of you. You will go through so many emotions, you will have bad days, you will have okay days, and you will have amazing days. None of that defines you, or the outcome of your post-abuse journey. You will have days where what was said to you will overwhelm you. You will have days where you believe, all over again, that you are not worth it or that you will never find love. Those are not true. Fight back. You got this. I know you got this.

Keep in mind that being told these heartbreaking things over and over again make us start believing them and then what happens? We repeat them to ourselves and since we are our worst critic.. we continue to believe them. We continue to tell ourselves that we are not worthy, we are not good enough, we are not capable of love, we are not going to find true love, etc. Those statements do not define you. They are incorrect, a way to let someone have control over your entire being.

And then when you find a significant other who treats you right, who loves you, shows you how a healthy relationship is supposed to be you don’t know how to act. You have been told over and over again that you are not worthy, that you are not beautiful, that no one will love you and now you believe it.. so you begin pushing this new person away because you do not deserve it. Then when they start distancing themselves or leave, you think “wow, even THEY know that I don’t deserve this.” even though they are just reacting to your distancing and you pushing them away. They don’t believe a word of that.. they are distancing themselves or leaving because it is what they think you want.

It is so hard being in a relationship after going through an abusive one. You are so used to being treated negatively and hearing negative things about you that you don’t think you deserve a healthy relationship. I am here to tell you, you do! When you are comfortable enough with your new significant other let them know a little about why you are so distant or guarded. Telling my husband about my past relationship and working through it together was one of the best things for my personal growth.

As I sit here with my kids playing in the background I’m overwhelmed with how thankful I am to have gotten the strength to leave the abusive relationship I was in so that I could find my true happiness.

It was hard to relive the part of my life that I have tried so hard to forget but I know that if I can help one person with this post then this was worth it.

Thank you all for reading!

Until next time..


Elf on the Shelf Ideas

In our house we don’t do Elf on the Shelf because well… I don’t want to deal with it and I don’t think my oldest would believe the whole idea behind it.. she’s 12 and I’m honestly surprised we still get to do the whole Santa thing with her.

However, I have decided to share a few ideas that will hopefully get you through the remainder of the season!

  • Cuddled with a cozy blanket in the fridge
  • TP the tree
  • Leaving lipstick messages on mirrors
  • Snow angels in sugar, flour, or sprinkles
  • Making s’mores over an electric tea light candle
  • Decorate toilet paper rolls as a snowman
  • Draw minions on bananas
  • Roll down stairs in a TP roll
  • Sitting in tupperware so that kid(s) can take the elf on adventures for the day
  • Story time with kids’ dolls or other small toys
  • Bubble bath in a crockpot full of marshmallows
  • Coloring in new coloring books brought for children
  • Zip lining through the living room (or any room)
  • Elf brings new pajamas or small toys
  • Elf brings a Christmas Eve box
  • Popcorn & Christmas movie

I hope that these ideas will help you enjoy this tradition with your kids, or at least allow them to laugh and enjoy it! I don’t actually think I have heard a parent say they enjoy this little Elf after the first couple days of having to move him. LOL.


Gift Ideas For Him & Her


My husband is always the hardest person for me to buy a gift for. He is the type of person that if he wants something he will buy it himself. He makes a birthday/Christmas list every year and even after sending it out to everyone he purchases shit off of it. -rolls eyes- If the men if your life are hard to buy for I hope that my list of ideas will help you pull something together that they will love!

  • Tools – Go with him to Home Depot or Lowes and pay attention to what he looks at.
  • Shirts – Anything funny or related to something he’s into always works!
  • Boxers – Let’s be honest men always need new boxers.
  • Socks – Again, they always need new socks.
  • Flashlight – I don’t think a man can ever have enough flashlights.
  • Watch – Men love a nice looking watch.
  • Ties – Having a nice selection of ties to choose from is nice.
  • Trimmer set
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Alcohol
  • Something to go along with his hobby
  • Homemade cards/gifts from the kids
  • Personalized cufflinks
  • New gaming console
  • Games for said console


If you’re anything like me you never know what you want for your birthday or Christmas because you’re always worrying about everyone else and thinking “So and so would LOVE this!” “My nephew/niece would enjoy this!” and even though you pick things up throughout the year and end up always putting it back on the shelf you cannot think of a single thing you want. I will be putting together a list of gift ideas for the women in your life and hopefully make shopping a little but easier.

  • Fuzzy socks – this is ALWAYS a fave of mine and I will never own enough pair!
  • New pan set – Every now and then it is nice to have a new set of pans to freshen up your kitchen.
  • Movies – I can always sit down and watch a movie.
  • Gift cards – I love getting gift cards to my favorite places.
  • Jewelry – I don’t wear too much jewelry but if the woman you are buying for has a pandora bracelet or something similar getting her a pendant that reflects an interest of hers or something close to her would be a nice gift.
  • Bath salts or bath bombs – A nice, relaxing hot bath is amazing and both salts and bombs help us relax.
  • Makeup
  • Home decor
  • New kitchen supplies
  • Blankets – Like fuzzy socks I love blankets and can never have enough!
  • Books
  • CD’s
  • Kindle/Nook/e-reader
  • Season of their favorite show

Good luck with your Christmas shopping! I hope these lists helped you!


Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Today I will be sharing with you some ideas on what to put in your loved one’s stocking!


  • Candy
  • Small books
  • Small toys (blindbags, mashums, etc)
  • Glow Sticks/bracelets
  • Small puzzles
  • Small games
  • Movies
  • Baby/toddler essentials (sippy cup, paci, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc)
  • Snacks (goldfish, cheez its, crackers)
  • Book light
  • Bookmark
  • Markers/crayons/colored pencils
  • Stickers


  • Candy
  • Books
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Flashlight
  • Gift cards
  • Movies
  • Hot Chocolate mix
  • Snacks (goldfish, cheez its, crackers)
  • Candles
  • Photo gifts
  • Book light
  • Book marks
  • Stationary sets
  • Bath bomb
  • Lotion
  • Nail polish
  • Chapstick

I hope that you found some ideas from these lists! Is there anything you put in someone’s stocking that I don’t have listed? Let me know in the comments below!


Two Decades

People always say “you said you couldn’t live without them but look at you living..”

It’s true, I am living.. but it doesn’t make it any easier sitting here with my girls wishing we could pack up and visit with their great-grandparents. Great-grandparents that they’ll never get to meet or interact with. I’m doing the best I can in telling them all about you and making sure they know how amazing you are. Nothing will ever beat physical interaction but damn if I won’t try!

20 years ago I woke up not knowing I’d never see you again or that I’d be one of who found you. That image is forever etched into my memory and it’s hard to see past it sometimes. There’s days I don’t know how to comprehend what happened and days where I completely understand life happens. Twenty years later and I still have my bad moments that can sometimes turn to bad day but it’s getting better. It still hurts as if it was yesterday but I’m much more able to handle the roller coaster of emotions that surround me this time of the year.

Grieving looks different for everyone and there’s no time frame or rule book on how we are supposed to grieve or how long it’s supposed to last. I’ll continue grieving your loss until we meet again.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds it just makes it a little easier to deal with in the moment.

R.I.P Grandpa Brown. We love and miss you dearly. 8/22/1937-12/4/1999. 💜

5 Kid Friendly Places to Visit in Richmond, VA

Whether you are here for a day or a week there are more than enough places to go and fun things to be done here in Richmond, Virginia. Traveling with kids is hard enough as it is we do not need to add the struggle of finding things to do where our children are welcomed. Today I will be sharing with you five, actually six, places to go and fun activities that you can do with your whole family.

  1. Maymont Park – This park offers fun events throughout the year, beautiful gardens during peak seasons, and lovely animals throughout the entirety of the park. Admission is free to the grounds and gardens, however, for $5 you can visit the Farm and Wildlife Habitats and for another $5 you can go through a guided tour of the Maymont Mansion. They also allow donations. On their website you will find much more information regarding the events that are taking place and the different things they have to offer.
  2. Science Museum of Virginia – The Science Museum offers four floors of different activities and exhibits as well as a 33-acre outdoor area. A few of the exhibits that you will find at the Science Museum are Bionic Me, Speed, and Art at the Museum. The prices for this are as follows:
    • Exhibits Only:
      • Adult 13-59 – $15.50
      • Youth 6-12/Seniors 60+ – $13.50
      • Preschool (3-5) – $10
      • Groups of 10+ – $10
    • Exhibits and Dome:
      • Adult 13-59 – $19.50
      • Youth 6-12/Seniors 60+ – $17.50
      • Preschool (3-5) – $14
      • Groups of 10+ – $14
    • There are also Membership levels that you can read more about on their website.
  3. Children’s Museum of Richmond – The CMoR has four locations: Downtown Richmond, Short Pump, Chesterfield, and Fredericksburg. Each location has their own set of exhibits that are offered but some of the ones at the Downtown location are: Sun Tubes, the Dig Pit, Art Studio, and the News Station. Like the Science Museum this is not a free activity. The prices are as follows:
    • Members – Free. You can learn more about this and become a member on their website.
    • Children and Adults (1-59) – $9.00
    • Children under 1 – Free
    • Seniors – $8.00
    • Group Visits (10+ children) – $8.00 This requires advanced registration.
    • Field Trips (10+ children) – $9.00 This requires advanced registration.
    • Military Personnel and their guests – receive $1 off of the daily admission price.
  4. Metro Richmond Zoo – The Richmond Metro Zoo is the home to over 2,000 animals from all over the world. The zoo is open year round Monday – Saturday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. They are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Day, and when there are snow or ice conditions. There are rides at the zoo including the sky lift ($4), train ($4), carousel ($2), and Penguin Falls Drop Tower ($4). You can also buy an unlimited ride band for $12. There are areas where you can purchase food to feed the animals throughout the zoo. Admission prices are as follows:
    • Adult (12-59) – $17.75
    • Senior (60+) – $16.75
    • Child (2-11) – $11.75
    • Infant (1 and under) – Free
  5. Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens – Day prices to these amusement parks vary depending on the sales they are having but both of them provide fun for adults, older children, and younger children. At Kings Dominion there is a 14-acre children’s area called Planet Snoopy that features 20 rides for the smaller children. Busch Gardens also has a children’s area, Sesame Street Safari of Fun. You can also meet different characters while there which the little ones love.

Check out all the linked websites to find out more information on the different spots that I talked about and all of the events and specials they have throughout the year to help you plan your time here in RVA.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time..




40 Blog Post Ideas

Picture this..

You’re sitting at your desk, planner (or notebook) and pen beside you. You do this every month or so to jot down new blog ideas for the upcoming weeks. You pick up your pen to begin writing and nothing….

Writers block hits us all at one point or another and that feeling is very unnerving. Unfortunately, this has happened far too often for me.

Today I will be sharing with you 40 blog post ideas that you can use to help jump start your blog again!

List Posts

  1. Bucket Lists
  2. Top 10 Favorite Shows
  3. Top 10 Favorite Books
  4. Top 10 Favorite Movies
  5. Top 10 Favorite Songs
  6. Favorite Bloggers
  7. Favorite YouTube Channels
  8. Favorite Make Up Products
  9. Travel List
  10. Goals

Lifestyle Posts

  1. Morning Routine
  2. Make Up Routine
  3. Day In The Life
  4. Shopping Hauls
  5. Skin Care Products
  6. Fashion Tips
  7. Job Interview Outfit Ideas
  8. 5/10/20 Year Goals
  9. What’s In My Bag?
  10. Favorite Recipes of the Current Season

How To Posts

  1. How To Budget
  2. How To Make Money Working From Home
  3. How To Save Money
  4. How To Create a Blog
  5. How To Effectively Use SEO
  6. How To Make Self-Care a Priority
  7. How To Use Pinterest to Boost Blog Stats
  8. How To Become a Morning Person
  9. How To Do a Home Renovation
  10. How To Stay Positive

Mommy Blog Posts

  1. Favorite Baby Items
  2. Baby Names You Love
  3. Birth Stories
  4. Tips for Traveling With Kids
  5. How to Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night
  6. Room Organization
  7. Newborn Routine
  8. Your Child’s Daily Routine
  9. Mommy Hacks
  10. Family Budgeting Ideas

Have you ever had to deal with writer’s block? Leave me a comment letting me know how you overcame it!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time..


House Plans

When we bought our house we knew that there were things we wanted to update and/or change throughout the whole house. Our house was built in 1960 and it definitely shows its age in some areas. I will update this blog and probably add to it as I remember things we want to do or think of more things we want to do!

I will be listing each room separately with all areas to be remodeled in said room. The list is long, so bear with me. Lol!

Living Room

• Replace wood paneling with sheet rock & paint,

• Tear out carpet & replace with wood flooring,

• New fire poker set (idk what they’re really called),

• Fire log basket,

• Buy all new blinds,

• Entertainment center,

• New furniture set (possibly).



Florida Room/Porch

This will be made into our new master bedroom so there’s a lot of work that needs to be done here.

• Fill in flooring to code – it’s thin now since it’s just a porch.

• Sheet rock,

• Paint walls,

• Electrical work,

• Lay hardwood flooring,

• New bed set,

• Windows,

• Blinds.

Our Room

• Tear up carpet,

• Redo closet,

• Paint walls,

• Lay hardwood flooring,

• New blinds.

A’s Room

• Tear up carpet,

• Redo closet,

• Paint walls,

• New blinds,

• New hardwood flooring,

S & E’s Room

• Tear up carpet,

• Redo closet,

Paint walls,

• New blinds,

• New hardwood flooring,

Kitchen/Dining Room

• Knock out a couple walls & add in beam,

New flooring/refinish wood flooring,

• Paint walls,

New cabinets,

• New fridge,

• New stove.

I think that’s all the work but like I said I’m sure I forgot some stuff and I will add as I remember or we find new things we want to remodel.

It’s getting late and since everyone is asleep I should get some, too! I’ll add more to this as we do it!

Do y’all have any remodel plans? Share them with me! I love seeing everyone’s ideas!

Thanks so much for reading!