Random Facts Tag!

The amazing Stephanie from One Caring Mom tagged me in her post where she shared some random facts about herself! Stephanie is a mom of two boys and she has lots of great posts on her blog! Everything from mom life to lifestyle! Go give her a read and I’m sure you’ll love it asContinue reading “Random Facts Tag!”

A letter to anyone…

I mentioned this in an earlier post when I talked about who my hero was.. I mentioned that when you talk to most girls their hero is their dad.. but that is not the case for me. My “dad” doesn’t deserve to be called anyones hero, especially mine. So today, I will be writing anContinue reading “A letter to anyone…”

Most Embarrassing Moment

em·bar·rassed /əmˈberəst/ adjective feeling or showing embarrassment. “an embarrassed silence” synonyms: awkward, self-conscious, uneasy, uncomfortable, unsettled, sheepish, red-faced, blushing, shy; More   Whew.. as a mom I’ve had plenty embarrassing moments. Kids don’t have filters.. they say EXACTLY what they feel and think and literally give zero fucks. I think the most embarrassing moment for me was when we were in line at WalmartContinue reading “Most Embarrassing Moment”

Dream Job: Then vs Now

Then Growing up I remember always wanting to be a teacher. I loved playing pretend and reading books to my stuffed animals. LOL. I wanted to be an elementary teacher, I don’t think I had a grade in mind. I loved the idea of being able to work with children and be able to teachContinue reading “Dream Job: Then vs Now”

Favorite Apps

I think I have done a post like this before.. but it doesn’t hurt to do it again! The apps that I use the most are Facebook – both for personal and blog use. This is definitely my least used social media app, though. Twitter – both for personal and blog use. This is oneContinue reading “Favorite Apps”

Favorite Music & Artists

Day twenty three brings us to my favorite music and artists. The answer to this changes quite frequently. So, I can listen to pretty much any type of music. EXCEPT for instrumental music. I don’t know why but I just can’t stand it. I don’t like Jazz, Blues, Techno, etc. I have been in aContinue reading “Favorite Music & Artists”

Why do I write?

I started this blog almost six years ago and no one knew about it at first. What started as an escape from my thoughts has turned into so much more. Today I write because I enjoy it. That’s the bottom line. I enjoy writing, sharing my thoughts and experiences, and interacting with other bloggers andContinue reading “Why do I write?”