Remember Me For..

This question was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It’s taken me hours to come up with something to talk about. There’s lots of things that when I think about myself I see in a positive manner. I want to be remembered for the person that I am and not who IContinue reading “Remember Me For..”

Letter to My Future Self

Dear Future Self, I hope this letter finds you somewhere in the comfort of happiness. Right now your life is one huge, chaotic, bittersweet mess. We’ll get into all of that later. I hope that you have allowed yourself to let go of what bothers you and stop letting the small, trivial things bother you. IContinue reading “Letter to My Future Self”

Favorite TV Shows

Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite TV shows! I don’t watch a lot of TV but there are a few shows that I watch for very single episode of. Jane the Virgin – I have watched every single episode of this show and I’m so sad it’s ending. This lastContinue reading “Favorite TV Shows”

5 Things That Make Me Happy

There are lots of things in life that make me happy but narrowing it down to my top 5 was not hard at all. My kids. Our three girls are the light of my life. Even though they annoy the living hell out of me sometimes they really are what make my life worth living.Continue reading “5 Things That Make Me Happy”

All About Mental Health

Mental health is something that is near and dear to me. I suffer with both anxiety and depression and I have found that quite a lot of people shrug it off and tell me to get over it or “take a deep breath” thinking that it will magically make my anxiety or depression go away.Continue reading “All About Mental Health”

Hobbies & Interests

  That’s definitely not a lie! LOL. Y’all moms know what I am talking about! There are other things that I enjoy, though. Like.. Reading. Right now I don’t have much time to get any hobby reading done since I am finishing up my bachelor’s program but once I am done I have lots ofContinue reading “Hobbies & Interests”