Homeschooling: Autumn’s View

Recently we have been working on forming paragraphs, editing, and all the fun stuff of writing a paper. I asked Autumn to write a paper on what she likes and doesn’t like about homeschooling. I have wrote about homeschooling quite a bit on here but have never shared Autumn’s POV on the matter so IContinue reading “Homeschooling: Autumn’s View”

Homeschool Binder

Homeschool binder, what’s that? Well, it’s essentially a binder of everything homeschool but everyone’s looks a little different. When I first started homeschooling I had no idea what a Homeschool Binder even was.. or what needed to go into it. I was searching Pinterest for how to organize and keep all of our records togetherContinue reading “Homeschool Binder”

Favorite FREE Homeschool Resources

As you can tell from the title, today I will be sharing some of my favorite FREE homeschool resources! Pinterest – You can find almost ANYTHING on Pinterest and I have found quite a bit of free printables for unit studies, worksheets, spelling, etc. You can also find lesson plan sheets and if you’re anythingContinue reading “Favorite FREE Homeschool Resources”

How to Easily Plan Homeschool Lesson Plans

Today I will be sharing how I easily plan out our homeschool weekly lesson plans. When it comes to homeschool families everything from lesson plans to curriculum to schedules can be different – it all boils down to whatever works best for you and your family so don’t get discouraged if how I plan myContinue reading “How to Easily Plan Homeschool Lesson Plans”

Homeschool – What it looks like to us..

During A’s second grade year I had discussed the topic of homeshcooling with my husband and he agreed that we would bring it up to A and see what she thought and go from there. She got home from school one Friday and I brought it up. She had a lot of questions but wasn’tContinue reading “Homeschool – What it looks like to us..”