Homeschool Binder

Homeschool binder, what's that? Well, it's essentially a binder of everything homeschool but everyone's looks a little different. When I first started homeschooling I had no idea what a Homeschool Binder even was.. or what needed to go into it. I was searching Pinterest for how to organize and keep all of our records together [...]

Hello School Year!

Ah. We're back at it! Homeschooling that is! A is in fifth grade and S is in preschool this year. Today was our first day and it went pretty smooth. Of course S lost interest pretty quick which I expected, but we did get through the activities that I had planned for her.. so that's [...]

Fifth Grade & Preschool

As most of you know I am due to deliver our third daughter at the end of August which just so happens to be right before school goes back down here. Yes, we home school and I could switch up our start date to accommodate the new baby but I would much rather stick to [...]

Homeschool Q&A

Over the last couple months I have gotten questions regarding homeschooling and so I figured that I would just do a post to explain the five questions that I got the most often so that I could share it with everyone at the same time! Keep in mind that these are MY answers, MY experiences, [...]

Homeschooling Q&A

** Disclaimer: Any of the laws, requirements, or deadlines I use in this post are pertaining to my state, county, and district regulation requirements. ** Many of my followers have asked me what it takes to homeschool or how we do it so I decided instead of repeating myself over and over I would just [...]