20 Random Facts About Me

A fellow blogger, Dani, shared that she’d be doing a 30-day blog challenge and I decided I’d do it as well! You can find her blog here! To start out this 30-day blog challenge I’m going to share 20 random facts about me. Some of this y’all may already know but some of my newerContinue reading “20 Random Facts About Me”

Sunshine Blogger Award… SAY WHAT?!

First, a hugeeeee thanks to Stephanie over at One Caring Mom who nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. As her blog title shows she is a fellow mom blogger who I love following and have loved getting to know through her posts. Her slogan is “Join One Caring Mom on a journey to help others throughContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award… SAY WHAT?!”

Blogtober – Day 19

Now that I got yesterdays post figured out.. it was supposed to post yesterday per the schedule but it didn’t for some reason… let’s move onto day 19! 15 Weird Facts Tag.. This was made by Life With Kolbi TV on YouTube. The only rule is to tag the creator but I couldn’t find their YouTubeContinue reading “Blogtober – Day 19”