6 Month Update

Hey y'all! Can you even believe it's been six months since I had Ellie?? Because I cannot. Pretty sure it's impossible she's already half a year old! Today I will be sharing with you what she's up to and how we're both doing! Ellie Ellie is doing amazing! She had her six month check up [...]


Postpartum & Baby Update

***This post will have some pretty gross stuff that is related to pregnancy and postpartum recovery and healing. Don't say I didn't warn you.*** So, this was definitely meant to be a 3 month postpartum and baby update but we are now closer to 4 months than 3.. so let's just go with that.  There [...]

Baby is a….

I'm officially a girl mom! I won't lie.. at first I was sad because we really wanted a boy but she's healthy and moving like crazy so we love her all the same! We have decided to not share her name until she's born and I hope that everyone can respect that. It has nothing [...]

Gender Reveal Ideas..

I feel like I’m getting a little ahead of myself here since I’m not pregnant yet but yes, I have thought about some ways that we could go about revealing the gender of our third baby. So here goes: Setting up balloons filled with confetti and having A shoot them with her BB gun to [...]