Blogtober – Day 30

Today I am going to share with y'all three things I do to help myself decompress. Calm down. Relax. Take it easy. Wind down. I used to handle stress so well but since becoming a mother, a wife, and a full time student all at once I don’t do so great at handling it anymore. Especially [...]

Blogtober – Day 26

I found an interesting tag on YouTube Society and thought it'd be fun to do another get to know me type post for Blogtober. I always enjoy reading these types of posts so doing one should be fun, too, right? We'll see! Without further ado.. TMI Tag Questions1: What are you wearing? Nursing tank & [...]

Blogtober – Day 25

Today's post is something that I have never done so bear with me, please. ** This post is not sponsored and I am not making any profit off my reviews. ** I think the kitchen is one of my least favorite areas of the house to clean because I feel like it stays dirty, no [...]

Blogtober – Day 22

Let's talk about five things I've learned about blogging or the blogging community! There is no perfect schedule that will fit every blogger! Before I started blogging I was looking at tons of blogs, Pinterest schedules, etc. trying to see the schedule that most people followed. What I found was that although most people post [...]

Blogtober – Day 21

Today I will be sharing with y'all my goals for this blog for the remainder of the year. Reach 200 followers! I'm currently at 163! Reach 3,000 views! I'm currently at 2,817! Post twice a week maybe three but at least twice! Do better at promoting my blog! Work with more bloggers and do guest [...]

Blogtober – Day 6

Thanks for visiting my blog! Today I will be sharing with you six pet peeves that I have.. When someone says they will do something and either do not do it at all or do the complete opposite. When people scuff their shoes when they walk. It is not hard to pick up your feet [...]

Blogtober – Day 5

This post is going to be all about me! 10 Facts About Me! If you have followed me for a while you may know most of these but new followers, enjoy learning about me! I was born in Northwest Ohio and now live in Virginia but I've lived in Tennessee, Texas, and Michigan in between [...]