Two Decades

People always say "you said you couldn't live without them but look at you living.." It's true, I am living.. but it doesn't make it any easier sitting here with my girls wishing we could pack up and visit with their great-grandparents. Great-grandparents that they'll never get to meet or interact with. I'm doing the [...]

Grief.. how do I cope?

**Any and all links in this post are there for your help and to cite where I have gotten my information.** I recently had a conversation about ways you can handle grief or loss and I figured that since this is a topic everyone can relate to I would share how I handle this and [...]

You should be here…

The other day I was riding down the road and You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell came on the radio. I've heard this song many, many times and it has never bothered me in the way it did then. The very first line of the song caught me off guard and instantly I was [...]