Letter to My Future Self

Dear Future Self, I hope this letter finds you somewhere in the comfort of happiness. Right now your life is one huge, chaotic, bittersweet mess. We'll get into all of that later. I hope that you have allowed yourself to let go of what bothers you and stop letting the small, trivial things bother you. I [...]


6 Month Update

Hey y'all! Can you even believe it's been six months since I had Ellie?? Because I cannot. Pretty sure it's impossible she's already half a year old! Today I will be sharing with you what she's up to and how we're both doing! Ellie Ellie is doing amazing! She had her six month check up [...]

TTC take 2! 

July 12 was the day that our future officially changed.  The last couple months have been an emotional roller coaster for me - and not in a negative way. Hubs and I had been talking about having another baby for a couple months but I had not taken it seriously, at all. I was still [...]