Best Day of my Life

Day 27.. Well, I cannot pick just one day to label as the best day of my life so I'll share a couple. October 13, 2007. Early in the wee hours I gave birth to our first daughter. On this day I learned that love at first sight does, in fact, exist. It was a [...]



Family has always been an important part of my life. Growing up without a dad was very hard on me, especially when it came to placing the blame on myself for so long. I always knew if I ever had kids I wanted to make sure the guy would be there. Be present. It was [...]

Blogtober – Day 11

Today we will talk about my current top three priorities. This will be a pretty easy post for me but let's get right into it! **These are not in any particular order of importance** My family. The girls and my husband will always be my top priority - for obvious reasons. The four of them [...]