Hello School Year!

Ah. We're back at it! Homeschooling that is! A is in fifth grade and S is in preschool this year. Today was our first day and it went pretty smooth. Of course S lost interest pretty quick which I expected, but we did get through the activities that I had planned for her.. so that's [...]


Fifth Grade & Preschool

As most of you know I am due to deliver our third daughter at the end of August which just so happens to be right before school goes back down here. Yes, we home school and I could switch up our start date to accommodate the new baby but I would much rather stick to [...]

Bucket List

I think we have all heard someone mention their bucket list and what's on it or what they want to be on it. I kept telling myself that I need to sit down and write one up for myself. I'm not getting any younger and I think that giving myself a list of things I [...]

Homeschool is OVER!

... for the year. Lol. Our first year of homeschooling is over with! I turned in all the end of year paperwork yesterday and now I just need to put all her worksheets and books from this year up in the attic so that it can be pulled down if we were ever to get [...]