What Do I Pack In My Hospital Bag?

Are you pregnant and stressing over what you need to pack? First time mom or have you done this before and just completely drew a blank (I did with all three of mine!)? Then you’re in luck! Today I am sharing a list of what to pack in your hospital bag. Some of these items [...]

9 Tips for TTC A Baby

Going through the process of trying to conceive a baby is a lot of work. There are a lot of things that you can do to help you track your ovulation and fertile days as well as things to do to help you better your chances of becoming pregnant. Below are a few things you [...]

TTC & Pregnancy

This blog post is something I never thought that I would write because after we had S we decided we were done, hubs had began discussing vasectomy with his doctor, and I got my birth control back in. I randomly brought up the idea of another in early 2017 and hubs did not immediately shut [...]