Favorite Part Of Me

Favorite part of me.. hmm. I'd have to say my favorite part of me is who I've grown to be in the last 15 years. The girl I was back then is nothing like the woman I am today. I've had a lot of self growth and acceptance of who I am. I used to [...]


Blogtober – Day 30

Today I am going to share with y'all three things I do to help myself decompress. Calm down. Relax. Take it easy. Wind down. I used to handle stress so well but since becoming a mother, a wife, and a full time student all at once I don’t do so great at handling it anymore. Especially [...]

Me time, what is that?

Eleven years ago I was pregnant with my first child. I had no idea the amount of work she would be or the sacrifices I would have to make. Sure, I had heard everyone and their mother's opinion and advice on how it would be once I had her.. but I didn't really take it [...]